SPLIT UP Splitboardcamp Kleinwalsertal 2024


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SPLIT UP Splitboardcamp Kleinwalsertal


Sx tour days accompanied by state certified. Mountain and ski guide
2x workshops avalanche awareness in the evening
Test possibility Backcountry Access
30% voucher in the BCA Pro-Shop
Sx HP Alpine Lodge Auenhütte

This week you will improve your skills.

Starting with the right tour planning: Where’s the best line and the safest ascent TODAY?

Using your safety equipment properly. We take the time to understand the LV search in theory and practice and solidify a plan of action / strategy. Practical avalanche knowledge to be able to distinguish the red area from the green.

In the cozy ambience of the Alpine Lodge Auenhütte in Kleinwalsertal we will certainly have a lot of fun this week. This camp is by snowboarders for snowboarders at snowboarders. You have the possibility splitboards from K2 and also different products, avalanche transceivers, shovels, probes and airbag backpacks from
Backcountry Access to test.


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Sport fitness
Safe driving on all types of snow

Meeting place

Alpine Lodge Auenhütte Kleinwalsertal


On request safety equipment LVS, shovel, probe, airbag backpack from Backcountry
Access, K2 Splitboards

To bring

You will receive details after registration