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Communication, stress management, team building

Modern buzzwords that are of great importance in a company! Social skills should be promoted, their cooperation should improve and communication should become more fluent. In a completely different environment, away from everyday life, office, with the help of selected exercises, basic topics of everyday working life are translated into metaphors. Through a discussion we are able to design the training according to the requirements of your company and to integrate the contents you want in order to work in a target-oriented way.
We accompany you and your team to your goal. Individually we respond to your needs, and design your training!

Individual & unique
like nature.

Experiential Education
School Classes-

Group togetherness is the basis for effective teaching, especially in school classes. Use our program to develop your students’ social skills.
All activities can be combined with a so-called potential analysis. This means that through the above-mentioned activities, students are specifically observed for certain social / and personality competencies through concrete tasks. The principle in this approach is the method of using novelty, crossing boundaries, and common ground to help students discover their own potential and that of others. This promotes tolerance and acceptance of strengths and weaknesses that are natural and normal.


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Our wilderness school offers
Summer 2023

Wilderness Days 2023

Wilderness Day FAMILY

Start: 10.00

Sunday, July 23
Sunday 06 August
Sunday, August 20
Sunday, 03 September

Wilderness Day CHILDREN

Start: 10.00

For children from 6-12 years
Sunday, July 30
Sunday, August 13
Sunday, August 27

Wilderness Days 2023


for school classes from 10 years

What is a packraft?
Packraft, also called trekking boat or backpacking boat, is a very durable inflatable boat. Due to its large air volume, the packraft is extremely stable against tipping, this makes it easier for beginners in particular to get started in white water rafting.
The Iller is a very easy wild river, a descent with a multi-person raft is excessive, therefore each participant gets his own boat.

Ecological action
The problems of tourism affect each of us. Due to the ever-increasing traffic in the region and the associated problems for people and nature, we have decided to give you, with a completely new concept, the opportunity to discover the Allgäu without a car, only on foot, by public transport and of course with your backpack boat. This should serve as a model for modern tourism. Integration of existing infrastructure and sustainability should be a core component of tourism in the future. Arrival & departure is possible without problems thanks to the good connection by train / bus. All entry & exit points can be reached via the idyllic Iller hiking or biking trail.

The river – The Iller
The Iller rises as a confluence of the three headwater streams Stillach, Breitach and Trettach near Oberstdorf. In its upper reaches it offers easy white water in difficulty levels I – II+ amidst beautiful mountain scenery.

It winds its way through the Allgäu Alps to the Danube. In the always calm sections you can recover from the splashy but technically not very demanding rapids.

On this river tour you will enjoy a wonderful landscape as well as an unforgettable experience. Topped off with learning to maneuver yourself and your packraft through the rapids.

What do you need to bring?

Shoes that can get wet e.g. sneakers ( second pair )



You will be equipped with neoprene and helmet by .

Location: Start is at the train station in Oberstdorf where also the rafting station is located from there it goes depending on the water level to the Iller. Return by train from Sonthofen to Oberstdorf.
Registration: Out of Bounds Snowboard School / Adventure Vertical

Price: 60 Euro per student + approx. 5 Euro for the train ticket

Beginners climbing course

for school classes

Meeting point 8.30 a.m. at the valley station of the Nebelhorn cable car, followed by handing out of material and fitting of equipment. Afterwards, we will take the Nebelhorn cable car to the summit together.

Before setting off there is a briefing at the mountain station about the equipment and how to use it correctly.

From the mountain station, you take a narrow path with the first small climbing passages to the entrance to the Hindelang via ferrata.

The pure via ferrata tour takes about 3 hours. For the approach and descent add about 1.5 hours.


good ankle-high hiking shoes ( no low shoes )
Cap ( can also be cold )
Drink ( no glass bottle )



Via ferrata set

Students should have at least Be 12 years old, height over 130 cm, body weight over 40 Kg.

Nebelhornbahn valley station
Registration: Out of Bounds Snowboard School / Abenteuervertical

Price: 65 euros per student

Wilderness courses

Our goal is to bring children and young people closer to their connection with nature in a simple and sustainable way

Experiencing nature again with all senses, learning from the millennia-old knowledge of primitive peoples, experiencing the importance of nature as our life-giver, being mindful and respectful of the earth, learning about our own abilities and strengths, and understanding the importance of social and communal action.

In our wilderness courses, we learn concrete Native techniques based on millennia of knowledge. These are survival skills of primitive people: survival without modern tools.

Basic techniques of life and survival in nature:

Bogendrill – The primitive art of making fire by rubbing wood

Shelter building – The shelter, which allows us to survive without fire and sleeping bag
Foraging – Edible wild plants, introduction to stalking and camouflage.
Utility items – From throwing sticks to cooking utensils, cords made from plant fibers, and more.
Movement & Perception Exercises – Introduction to the dimensions of the senses and instinct.

Building life skills:

Self-competence – What I dare to do, what I am able to do

Social skills – what we experience together, how we care for each other, me as a member in a community
Factual competence – plants, animals, ancient knowledge about nature and cycles

Registration: Out of Bounds Snowboard School / Adventure Vertical

Price: 30 euros per person

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