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Summer 2023

Sunrise tour

Summit morning

Ascend in the dark and greet the new day at the summit.
No two sunrises are alike and even more so on the mountain. Every time, the sunrise hike is a very special experience associated with unforgettable moments and memories.
Possible summits: Rangiswanger Horn, Gaißberg, Grünten, Steineberg

Dates: Depending on weather conditions

Good ankle high mountain boots
Hiking poles
Headlamp (will be provided by us if needed )
Change of clothes
Functional jacket
Hat and warm jacket (in the morning hours it can be very cold on the mountain)
Small snack for the summit breakfast

Price: 59 euros per person
(from 4 participants)

Forest bathing - Shinrin Yoku

with jasmine

Shinrin = large and small forest Yoku = bathing

The trend from Japan is currently spreading rapidly in Germany. The reasons for this are manifold and have been extensively scientifically proven. Studies from Japan, since the 1980s forest therapy centers, part of the state health care (forest bathing on health insurance).
Those who consciously use the athmosphere of the forest for recreation, therefore, benefit from:

  • Stress reduction (strengthening of the parasympathetic nervous system)
  • physical and mental relaxation
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Defense against viruses and bacteria
  • Increase and activation of killer cells in the blood
  • Lowering and regulation of blood pressure

Among other reasons, the scientists found the so-called terpenes in the forest air, which cause the health-promoting effect on the human organism.

How is forest bathing different from simply walking or hiking?
Breathing and relaxation exercises from Qi Gong, Zen and other meditation techniques enhance the beneficial effects of the forest. The five senses of the body are consciously addressed, perception is trained. No conversations about everyday topics, but practiced mindfulness in the here and now.

Price WITHOUT workshop : 20 euros per person
(from 5 participants)
Price WITH workshop : 50 euros per person
(from 3 participants)

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